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9. Other methods for getting authenticated iDs

Other methods for getting authenticated iDs

You have just followed a method a custom integration would use to get ORCIDs from users. The following are other methods for getting authenticated iDs from ORCID users.

Servive Provider systems

Some publishing, research information and repository software systems support collecting authenticated iDs and permissions right out of the box. See our list of ORCID-enabled systems for more details.

Configuration steps and customization options vary widely between systems - check your system's documentation for complete information.

DOI metadata

Many systems now collect ORCID iDs and publish them in DOI (and other persistent identifier) metadata. If you have a DOI for a publication, dataset, or other digital object, you can check its metadata for author ORCID iDs. However, note ORCID cannot guarantee that the iDs for the listed authors have been authenticated.

Example: CrossRef API

For example, using the CrossRef REST API, we can find an author's ORCID iD in the DOI metadata for

  1. In a new window or tab, visit
  2. In the JSON data that appears, ORCID iDs submitted by the publisher in the DOI metadata are included in the author element.
    ORCID in DOI metadata