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2. Set up the Sandbox

For this tutorial, we'll use ORCID's test environment, the ORCID Sandbox. The Sandbox works just like the production ORCID Registry, with a few exceptions:

  • Sandbox only sends emails to addresses
  • Import wizard tools don't work in the Sandbox
  • Menu links to informational content (For Researchers, For Organizations, About, Help, etc) don't work in the Sandbox
  • Sandbox doesn't contain production data

Create a Sandbox ORCID record

To get started, you'll need to register an ORCID iD in the Sandbox.

  1. In a new window or tab, visit
  2. Complete the form with your first name and email address, and then click the "next" button. IMPORTANT! Don't use a real email address! Instead, make up an address ending in (ex: ORCID Sandbox registration form step 1
  3. Complete step 2 of the registration form with a password, and move on to step 3. ORCID Sandbox registration form step 2
  4. Select your preferred visibility setting, accept the terms of use, click the box next to the text "I'm not a robot", and finally click the "register" button. ORCID Sandbox registration form step 3

Remember the email and password - you'll need these throughout the rest of the tutorial!

Verify your email address

Before you can edit information on your ORCID record, you'll need to verify your email address.

  1. In a new window or tab, visit
  2. Enter the address you used to register your Sandbox account and click Go. home page
  3. Open the message with the subject [ORCID] Reminder to verify your email address and click the Verify your email address button. ORCID email verification message
  4. Log into ORCID, if prompted, to finish verifying your email. Since you've just registered, you are likely already logged in and will not be prompted to log in again.
  5. After verifying your email, you'll be redirected to your Sandbox record.
    Make note of the 16-digit iD for your Sandbox record - you'll need this throughout the rest of the tutorial! New ORCID Sandbox record

Add info to your Sandbox record

  1. Add a country: Click the pencil icon beside Country, choose a country and click Save changes.

    ORCID edit country screen

  2. Add employment: In the Employment section, click Add employment, fill out the form and click Add to list. ORCID add employment screen

  3. Take a look at your employment entry and notice the following fields, which are included with each item on an ORCID record:

    • Source: Person or organization that added the item
    • Privacy: Visibility setting for the item ORCID employment entry